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Land, Subdivisions and Plats

We are the local experts in construction, land purchasing and everything in between. For those looking to build the home of their dreams, we’ll show you the ropes

What it Takes

Getting your ducks in a row takes a while. Do you have a plan? We’re talking about more than a floor plan! There are two key considerations when going down the building route.

Having enough equity.

Unlike buying a home, the building takes much more upfront equity and the borrowing process is very different, or maybe not even an option. Making sure you are properly prepared for the investment is our first step. 

Creating a plan.

Where do you find plans? Floor plans? City plans? It takes a lot of planning and unfortunately, you’re at the helm until you have the majority figured out. 

How to Start

Let’s take the first steps together as we begin exploring subdivisions and land options. Here’s a list of questions we can work through as we create a tailored approach to your vision. 

  • Have you purchased a lot or land? 
  • How does financing work?
  • What is the price per square foot to build?
  • Where do I find a plan?

Location, Location, Location:

When it comes to building, there are several options to choose from:

Land: Raw hills, fields, forest, you name it. There is nothing there and no infrastructure to get you started.

Plat/ Parcel: Land that has been surveyed is ready to be built on.

Subdivision: a group of plats where you can build a home. Great if you are looking for a built-in neighborhood.

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